We offer a full range of services in all aspects of patent protection – from advice on the choice of the appropriate type and territorial scope of protection, through the filing and prosecution of applications, to the grant of a final decision.

Our services include the following:

National applications with the Polish Patent Office:

  • analysing the state of the art and assessing patentability of inventions and protectability of utility models
  • preparing documentation and filing invention and utility model applications in all fields of technology
  • prosecuting applications until the grant of a final decision
  • obtaining supplementary protection certificates (SPC)

Applications abroad:

Preparing documentation and filing:

  • patent applications with the European Patent Office (EPO)
  • international PCT applications
  • national applications in all countries selected worldwide by the applicant (in collaboration with law and patent attorney firms abroad)

National validation of European patents:

  • specialized translation of granted European patents and filing applications to validate the patents on the territory of Poland
  • specialized translation of patent claims after the publication of a European application by the EPO (provisional protection in Poland)

Monitoring deadlines and payment of annuities in Poland and abroad

Managing changes in respective registers in Poland and abroad

Opposition, invalidation and cancellation proceedings at:

  • the Polish Patent Office
  • the European Patent Office (EPO)
  • National and regional patent offices worldwide

Proceedings before administrative and common courts:

  • representing clients before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court
  • conducting negotiations and preparing cease and desist letters
  • conducting civil proceedings in cases concerning infringements of exclusive rights

Advice on legal protection of inventions and utility models